Why, or when should I board my cat: The most common reasons people bring their kitties in to stay with us. | Cat's Castle
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Why, or when should I board my cat: The most common reasons people bring their kitties in to stay with us.

There are many reasons that it may be inconvenient, or even just a bad idea to leave your cat at home. Luckily places like Cats’ Castle are here, filled with feline fanatics who are happy to look after your fur family! Here we discuss some of the most common reasons people bring their kitties in to stay with us.

The most popular reason people board their cats with us is definitely for vacation! Whether you’re spending the weekend with family, or spending a month in Peru – you’re likely not going to be taking “Fluffy” with you. Some people rely on pet sitters, although not everyone is comfortable having strangers enter their home. Boarding your kitty is a convenient alternative to leaving your cat home alone for the time that you’re away – where they can get into trouble, and make a mess, or even fall ill. At a boarding facility they will be supervised and monitored to make sure they don’t get too mischievous, and that they are staying happy and healthy!

If you’re kitty is on any kind of medication, it may even be impossible for you to leave him/her home alone, if even for a couple of days. This can be a great source of stress for many people. When you board your kitty, you can rest assured that he/she has gotten their medication at the appropriate times whether it be pills, creams or injections.

Moving, renovating or spraying your home for pests are also common reasons for boarding your kitty. These reasons can be a little less exciting than vacation, but they are just as valid. At Cats’ Castle, we even offer a 10% discount off the cost of boarding for non-vacation stays such as these!

When selling their house, many people do not like the idea of leaving their beloved pets at home during open houses, when strangers are coming in and out of their doors. It is also a little easier to keep up the appearance of your home for showings when your fur family isn’t running around leaving a never ending trail of fur behind them!

While doing renovations, or spraying for pests, it is likely that your home is not a safe environment for your pets. Again, boarding poses as a solution for these scenarios as well! Boarding facilities, such as Cats’ Castle provide a safe and healthy environment for your pets while the chaos is taking place back at home!

Some people even board their kitties if they are having guests with allergies come to stay with them. This way their guests are exposed less to allergens and their pets are cared for in a welcome environment, opposed to being scorned by the house guests!

We all love cats – They are the adorable, lovable, cuddly and independent members of our families. But however independent your cat may be, it may not always be feasible to leave them at home. In these instances you can think of boarding your cat at such facilities as Cats’ Castle as a convenient, and safe alternative!

Cats Castle Cat Hotel is a cat boarding that specializes in both short term and long term cat boarding. Our cattery provides a luxurious alternative to pet sitting. Our facility is located in Oakville Ontario, just minutes off of the QEW. Our customers come from all over Toronto and the GTA, Milton, Hamilton, Missisauga, Burlington and more!

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