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So, its your kitty’s first time boarding?

What you can expect when your kitty comes to stay with us at Cats’ Castle:

So you’ve picked out a suite that suits your kitty’s needs and preferences, as well as your budget – now for the hard part, bringing your kitty in! This part of the stay is often much harder on the human than their kitty counterpart. This post will inform you of what you can expect when you bring your furry friend in to stay with us, and will hopefully alleviate any stress you may have had over the matter!

It is completely normal for your kitty to be a little nervous the first couple of days during their visit, especially if this is their first stay. So there is no need to be alarmed if your kitty is not “acting normal” and hiding in their carrier or suite, or even if they are hissing when it is out of character for them. This behavior generally disappears after a day or two, once the kitty has settled in and become familiar with his/her suite, the room they are boarding in and the staff members. In the meantime, we can offer privacy tents in their suite, which give shy cats a nice quiet place to hide away until they are ready to investigate their new surroundings! The more frequently a kitty comes to stay with us, the shorter their adjustment time will become.

 It is also fairly common for our guests to put on a “show” for their humans, to let them know that they are displeased that you made them take a car ride! In these instances, cats may hiss or growl, turn their backs to you, or simply hide, and not come out to “say good-bye”. But, once their humans leave the Castle, they give up the guilt trip and do a complete 180! They become the curious critters that they naturally are, and begin exploring their new environment and saying hello to all of the new faces!

Once they’ve settled, our staff does everything in our power to make your kitty feel at home! Every kitty in the cattery gets the exact same level of care (regardless of length of stay, or suite prices). Every kitty is different, and we do our best to discover your kitty’s likes and dislikes, and take time to make them comfortable. If they like to be brushed, we will brush them, if they like to play, we will break out the catnip, balls and laser pointers, or if all they need is a lap to be happy we will gladly sit with them and give them a little TLC. We have one kitty (or a group of kitties from the SAME family) roaming at all times in each of our six rooms throughout the cattery, so your furry feline will get tons of time to explore, play, stretch their legs, climb our many cat trees, do some bird watching, simply lounge around, or whatever may tickle his/her fancy!

For kitties that are staying for a prolonged amount of time (roughly over a week or more) we try to be proactive about sending owners updates and pictures of their feline via email. We also add photos and updates frequently to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so there are many ways to stay connected with your kitty while you are away! But, if you have any concerns at any time during your holiday, we encourage you to contact us, and we will be more than happy to give you an update and let you know how your kitty is making out.

It is always our goal to make sure that every kitty enjoys their stay here at the Cats’ Castle Cat Hotel, and that your cat comes home from his/her vacation just as relaxed and content as you do from yours! So while you may be a little nervous about bringing your kitty in, rest assured that he/she is in good hands. Cats’ Castle team members strive to make this your kitties home away from home

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