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Green Room

Our Green Room is located up the stairs from our main office inside the house. Our economically priced window suites are in this room. The Green Room has a great atmosphere that is quiet but still close enough to the office where kitties can hear some level of activity.

Yellow Room

The Yellow Room is located right beside the office in the main house. It is a very popular room for this reason as many of the kitties can see us all day. This room has some of the largest and brightest suites. Bird feeders can be seen from majority of the suites. We also have double suites that can accommodate multi-cat families.

Peach Room

Our Peach Room is located in the main house across from the Yellow Room, on the opposite side of the office. We have a variety of suites located in the Peach Room, ranging from economical non windows to double suites with windows. The windows in the Peach Room have a view of bird feeders and look onto Bronte Road.

Pink Room

The Pink Room is located in the back of the main house, it is a quiet room with large suites. The suites can accommodate multi-cat families interested in large windows and a spacious suites. As there are only a few suites located in this room – typically kitties boarding in the Pink Room have longer roaming times as there is less kitties to share the day with.

Blue Room

The Blue Room is located in the back of the main house across from the Pink Room. It is a quiet room with suites ranging in price. Large non window suites are located in the Blue Room as well as window suites with views of bird feeders. The Blue Room kitties often get to explore an extended hallway and a bathroom for the guest who enjoy playing in the sink.

Guest House

Our Heritage Guesthouse – totally revamped and modern – a cattery paradise!

Our 800 square foot Guesthouse overlooks Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Suites range in all prices and the roaming space is the largest out of all our rooms.  This huge area allows for cats to open up into a full run and play session – great fun for siblings.  We have 7 feet cat trees that allow cats to lounge, hide or play in.  We offer many perching places and guests can recline in a chair – much like home!

A huge secure patio door sets the scene for all kinds of wildlife for our guests to enjoy: deer, wild turkeys, bunnies, chipmunks, hawks and may types of vibrant birds that flock to Bronte Provincial Park.  We have resident woodpeckers that are often seen pecking away nearby.

Our Guesthouse accommodation is designed so all of our suites face outwards.  Cats from different families do not see each other when they are snug in their suites.  Our fresh air exchange here is fabulous – a fan system that pulls in a continuous flow of fresh air for the cats.