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Shaggy (Man!) and Brighton (MR B!)

Here is the story on how I came to have the two most adorable orange and white kitties ever!  Ok.  I am a bit biased but what can I say?

Shaggy was originally one of my “foster cats” when I did some volunteering at Mississauga animal control in my 20’s.    He was quite the (scary) sight with a scratched cornea.  Nobody would give the poor guys a second glance because his eye looked so peculiar.  What people didn’t realize that what he “lacked” in looks he definitely made up for in personality 🙂 I was asked to foster him and administer his eye meds to him daily.  The hope was his eye would look a little better and hence he would be “more adoptable” to the general public.  My Mom (a nurse) and I took on this responsibility with great gusto and in the process fell in love with this precious boy.  There was no way Shaggy would be heading back to the shelter.  He stole my heart and is probably one of the most awesome cats you will ever meet.  I can still say this with confidence after having contact with thousands of cats in the last 15 years.  Nothing fazes him – he has been through a couple of moves, multiple dogs, and kids to boot yet he is still the same fabulous cat.  I can take him to work for the day and it’s just like he is at home.  He easily won over my husband the “dog lover”!  Today Shaggy is 18 years old – he is slowing down but my love and appreciation for this special man will never tire.

Brighton is a spunky boy!  An understatement for sure!  He is two and a half years young!  Young is the key word here.  He and my youngest daughter never tire of one another.  They are quite the pair because the crazy high energy level in both Mckenna and Brighton are an even match.  A common scene in our home is my daughter running around with a string or a “cat dancer” toy and Brighton hot in pursuit.  Then the play switches to fetch where Mckenna throws a small bouncy ball for Brighton.  Any self-respecting cat would not take part in such a low life and dog like activity like fetch right?   Brighton  however chases the ball, grounds it and returns it to her for another round.  Brighton is quite the character because if Mckenna is in bed, he will throw the ball down a set of stairs himself, fetch it and do it all over again.  Brighton came into our family in December 2012.  My cousin Andrea (who just happens to work here at The Castle) was working at a vet clinic and she was involved in a rescue organization run through the clinic called “Four Paw One Heart”.  Brighton needed a home and she knows I have a soft spot for orange cat anything….lol.  The rest is history and Mr B has become a vibrant part of our family!

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