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How Cats Castle Cat Hotel came to be!

   A new century and a new era in the Dyche family…we just purchased an incredible piece of land      that allows us to board animals.  Mom and Dad had always discussed the idea of running a            boarding facility in their “semi-retirement” much to my animal loving delight!  We sold our family      home in Mississauga and moved to Oakville.  The name of our venture would be called “Paws        Awhile” at the outset, featuring off leash boarding for dogs.  We had no idea there was a viable        demand for cat boarding – never mind exclusive cat boarding at this infantile stage in our dream!  

Our first feline guest was named “Whiskey” and she boarded with us in February 2001. We have a picture of her proudly framed near the entrance of our cattery 🙂  She stayed in my brother’s room on the upper level of our home.  We boarded kitties in our home and doggies out in “The Barn”, a completely separate building, while we fostered our cat clientele.  It was beyond on our wildest dreams that there was such an obvious need for exclusive cat boarding, is it really pawsible that we can be cats only??? Fast forward to April 2010 and “Cats Castle Cat Hotel” was officially born.  We became exclusively cats at this point and we have never looked back!

Working with cats has been and continues to be a dream.  The gentle nature of the kitties and the love they extend daily is inspirational. Cats only boarding is a service in demand and we are more than happy to oblige. We always ensure our guests are happy and healthy during their visits, and daily individual out time to roam the room as well as TLC from staff plays a huge role in this.  We also offer many other services to ensure that the pet owners themselves get the most out of their kitties stay! These services include; report cards, weekly picture sessions, and access to Cat Cams (yes…you can log on anywhere in the world and spy on your kitty…tee hee!), daily catnip sprinkles and most importantly a ton of love.  We are delighted to provide a safe, happy and healthy homestead for people to leave their cats while they must be away from them. Come on in and discover a new standard in cat hospitality…your cats will thank you for it! 

Cats Castle Cat Hotel is a cat boarding that specializes in both short term and long term cat boarding. Our cattery provides a luxurious alternative to pet sitting. Our facility is located in Oakville Ontario, just minutes off of the QEW. Our customers come from all over Toronto and the GTA, Markham, Milton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington and more!

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