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How can I help my kitty be comfortable during his/her boarding experience?

The first step to ensuring your kitty has a great boarding experience is booking them in at Cats’ Castle Cat Hotel  =P… But, all kidding aside, there are a few things that you can do to help your kitty be more at ease during their stay at a boarding facility.

One of the most basic ways to help your kitty cope during their stay is to bring their food from home. Many boarding facilities will stock their own cat food to provide to their guests. Here at Cats’ Castle we use the Kirkland brand for dry kibble, and Friskies canned for the kitties that eat wet food. Our food is included in the cost of boarding, and is convenient if your kitty isn’t a picky eater, or if your kitty runs out of their own food during their stay with us. However, using the food provided by the boarding facility isn’t always the best idea. For instance, if your kitty has any allergies or health concerns it may be imperative to their health that they consume only a prescribed diet. Even if your cat does not have any known health issues associated with their diet, cats naturally have sensitive stomachs and switching their food abruptly may cause them to experience vomiting or diarrhea – and we all know that’s no fun when we’re on vacation! Even bringing a few servings of your cat’s regular food can allow us to transition their meals slowly over to our food, which will make it easier for their digestive systems to accommodate the change.

Scents and smells are very strongly linked to memories (you’ve likely experienced this yourself, when the whiff of something familiar brings on a flood of associated memories), and cats have a sensitive sense of smell. Bringing bedding like blankets, towels or even a T-shirt that smells like home can make your kitty feel more comfortable, and makes their suite seem more like home. The same can be said about favorite beds or pillows that your cats use at home. Like a security blanket, familiar objects can be found comforting when you find yourself in a new place. When bringing any of these objects to a boarding facility,  it is important to make sure you are not bringing anything too valuable or sentimental. It is not uncommon for objects such as these to get soiled during your pets stay, and it is possible that they might get lost when they are sent through the laundry.

It may also be nice to bring some of your kitty’s favorite objects like toys or brushes. Again, you should be advised not to bring anything too valuable. If a toy is small enough to fit through the bars on the suite doors, or if your kitty carries a particular toy around with him/her while roaming the room, they may swat it or leave it outside of their suite. Once a toy enters this “no man’s land” it is fair game, and likely to be picked up or played with by another kitty, and it becomes very difficult to tell whose toys are whose.

While there are many things that you can do to try and help your kitty make the best of their boarding facility, their enjoyment is also one of our priorities. We make sure that every cat is comfortable, and do what is in our power to make them feel at home. We are always willing to play, brush or cuddle the kitties who are interested!

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