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Health Check

Please transport your kitty in a carrier.  If you do not have one, please come in and we will be happy to lend you one to safely bring your sweetie into The Castle. Certificate of current vaccination is to be verified by fax or e-mail before arrival. Your veterinarian can fax this information to us at 905–465–0700.  If given permission, we will gladly call your veterinarian for this information.

  • Rabies
  • FVRCP – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (mandatory unless otherwise indicated by your vet). ***Please note that this is the most useful vaccination to help protect your cat against cold viruses***
  • We will always follow your vets instructions for vaccines for your cat(s)

Please ensure vaccinations are completed at least 7 days prior to arrival so your kitty is fully protected.

Any cat requiring veterinary attention during its stay will be taken to the owner’s veterinarian where possible. In other circumstances, our own on-call veterinarian will be contacted. Any minor procedure will be done. All costs incurred are at the owner’s expense. We suggest you leave instructions and a credit card number with your vet. This would be particularly noteworthy if you are travelling out of country, if you are unreachable by phone or if your cat is elderly (over 13 years).  Please ensure a contact person/yourself or a decision maker is reacheable by the vet when you are away. This person should be able to make decisons and pay the vet. 

Female cats must be spayed and male cats must be neutered unless they are 8 months or younger.

All cats that go outdoors (even on the deck) or live with a dog should be current with veterinary approved flea treatment. It is recommended that all cats be on flea prevention. Protection from fleas is the responsibility of the owner. If fleas are detected there is a substantial cost to the owner. Please ensure that your cat(s) are free of fleas. Flea prevention is available on check in at a nominal cost.


  • Please note that we are a boarding facility that administers medications, but we are not a medical boarding facility. This means we are not equipped to care for kitties that require monitoring, or that are aggressive/difficult to medicate. 
  • We are, unfortunately, no longer able to accept new Diabetic Guests
  • IF IT IS YOUR CATS 1st STAY WITH US + THEY REQUIRE MEDICATIONS, it is necessary to do a trial run with us well before your boarding date- please call us for details
  • It is always a good idea to supply extra medication.
  • Medication (oral administration) $3 per application
  • Ear and Eye Medications $3 per application
  • Teeth brushing is a minimum $5 per application – more difficult cats will be more
  • Meds or timed feedings outside our hours $20 per application
  • Any medications requiring 2 people, additional charges apply outside the regular meds charges
  • Diabetic kitties – we are no longer able to accept new diabetic guests. 
  • Blood Glucose Levels are monitored only as needed and are $7/test

Separating Multi-Cat Families for Feeding or Fighting

If your cats need to be separated for feeding or if they are prone to fighting and you would like them separated for part of or the entire stay, this is available for an addtional surcharge whenever  the no-charge upgrade/extentions are available. The surcharge for separating your cats for feeding only, or only overnight when there is no supervision there is a $10/day surcharge. If your cats need to be separated for both feedings and overnight a $15/day surcharge will be applied. If your kitties need to be separated at all times, a $10/day surcharge will be applied.
During peak seasons when the no-charge upgrade to double suites are not available and your kitties need to be separated for any reason you will need to book two (or more) completely separate suites for your kitties and the daily rate for each individual cat will be the price of the suite that is booked, and the separation fees will not apply.


For the health of your cat and the hygiene of the facility, we strongly recommend your kitty stay on their own food. We are happy to adhere to your pets feeding instructions and schedules, but please be aware that all feedings must take place within our hours of operation- otherwise there are additional charges.