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Fees & Bookings

Pricing from *$32 – *$53 per day, where unique living spaces are designed for unique personalities (* Please see discount fields listed below). Add $8 for the 2nd kitty, $8 for the 3rd kitty and $8 for the 4th kitty. Owners with larger families of cats should contact us for a special rate, and to inquire about reserving one of our large playrooms that can accommodate families from 1-15 cats!
Please Note: $8 for each additional kitty has the ktties in the same suite. No-charge upgrades to double suites for multi-cat families will be given whenever possible, but availability varies seasonally. Additional fees will apply to multi cat families that need to be kept separate.

All of our guests enjoy the highest standard of feline care no matter which of our quality suites you choose.

Medications? Kitties need to be separated? Please see Health Check


The day you drop off your cat counts as your 1st day charge regardless of drop off time. If you pick up before noon there is no charge for that day. There are NO AM pick ups available on Sundays.  We have a minimum 2 day charge throughout the year, a 7-day minimum stay during December/January Holidays, and a 4 day minimum for July/August bookings.

Long Term Pricing
Our long term pricing begins on day 15.  The new reduced daily rate is $17/day on day 15 onwards.  Discounts apply for the entire stay.

10% AM feed only
5% online booking
5% single income/student/senior
Long Term Boarding Rate: $17/day (plus your discounts) on the 15th day of boarding
Maximum discount is 15%

Additional Fees
Medications (see Health check)
More than 2 feedings a day- $3 each additional feed
Nail Trims – $15
Teeth Brushing – $5
CatCam Rentals – $6 per day

Visa, Master Card, Debt – Sorry, no cheques, cash or American Express.
A deposit is required in high season and for long term bookings over 1 month and credit card information may be needed to be kept on file.