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10 Tips for Boarding Your Cat

  1. Make a reservation early, especially during peak summer months, March Break, Christmas, and other major holidays in Ontario. Also have your cat(s) vaccinations up to date and ready to go.
  2. As you begin packing for your trip, talk to your cat and explain your plans, describe our cat boarding hotel and emphasize you will return and bring your cat home. Cats that have been informed of their pet resort vacation are calmer and adjust better to boarding. Cats understand more than most folks realize!
  3. Because your cat may be uneasy about your preparations, it may disappear if an outdoor kitty or hide indoors. On the day you plan to bring your cat to our cat boarding facility, keep your cat indoors and confined. You know how cats can smell a ‘rat’. Many find it helpful to place their carrier in an open area a week/couple days before their vacation.
  4. Bring something familiar from home, like a small piece of your clothing (such as a T-shirt or socks)…which helps make the adjustment for your cat to a new cat kennel easier. The item should be clean and have house smells on it. Sorry, we are not responsible for any lost items, we do not recommend bringing in small toys, towels or blankets as they are more easily misplaced.
  5. It helps to bring food that your cat is used to. Your cat will eat better, and this will avoid an abrupt change of diet that can cause diarrhea or other digestive upsets.
  6. If your cat is prone to car-sickness, remove food the night before you are dropping off your cat(s). After your cat settles into their suite at Cats Castle , it will find fresh water and food to nibble when its tummy settles. You may also want to line the carrier with a towel, or puppy pads so if your kitty does soil the carrier it is soaked up by blanket and not your kitty’s fur.
  7. Please transport your cat in a carrier. Cats do bolt out of their owner’s arms due to an unfamiliar noise or movement. It is nearly impossible to find and catch a frightened cat! If you have 2 cats, bring them in separate carriers. The tensions of the car ride can make them irritable and being shoved together can start cat fights with even the best of friends.
  8. You might be surprised by your cat’s behavior when you bring them into a boarding environment. Cats are, by nature, solitary animals, and when placed in a new territory inhabited by other cats, they sometimes display some defensive hissing and growling behavior. However, by the next day, most cats sense their kennel boundaries, snuggle in their plush bed, and accept the pampering of the cat sitters staff and usually become quite affectionate and even playful.
  9. When bringing home your cat it is normal to see him/her at first hiding out or carefully re-exploring the entire house. It is a good idea to keep your cat indoors for a day or two as it settles into being “home” again.
  10. During holiday times? Please allow plenty of time to check in or out your pet.

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