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1) How much out time does my cat have daily?

This depends on the number of cats boarding in each room.  What we can tell you is that your cat will have an opportunity for out time EVERY day when we do our feeding and cleaning.  We have whiteboards in all our rooms to ensure every cat has a chance to explore their designate room. We are constantly rotating cats/cat families in the cattery to make sure each family has a fair opportunity to explore.  Each of our 7 rooms has a lucky cat/family of cats out overnight, a different kitty is selected each night.

2) What are the most common issues you encounter?

While issues during a stay are not a common occurrence, one thing we tend to see with nervous kitties is that there may be a lack of appetite for the first couple of days. If a cat has a lack of appetite on day 1 or 2 of their stay, that is relatively normal. If it persists beyond that though, we will reach out to you for suggestions/direction. We typically recommend offering them a variety of foods to see if we can pique their interest, and if that doesn’t do the trick we will talk about options like syringe feeding or a visit with a veterinarian where an appetite stimulant may be prescribed if no other symptoms are prevalent. If you think this may be an issue for your kitty it might not be a bad idea to speak with your veterinarian before boarding. They may be able to prescribe you some calming medications to be able to avoid this situation, or send you with an appetite stimulant to be used as needed.

3) What is an upper respiratory infection?

An upper respiratory infection (URI) in cats, is essentially a cold often caused by the feline herpes virus (Rhinotracheitis). Unfortunately many cats become infected with the herpes virus as kittens and can be carriers for the rest of their lives. Cats can have flare ups when they are stressed, which is why we will sometimes see cats getting cold symptoms (sneezing and nasal congestion) when they come in to board or shortly after their arrival back home, as the car ride and being away from home can be stressful for them at times. Your cats best defense against URI is the FVRCP vaccine which is mandatory for all guests, but it unfortunately may not be helpful if your cat is already a carrier. If we see a cat experiencing symptoms, their roaming time of common areas is restricted and they; along with any other cats that may be exposed will be given a lysine supplement to help speed the recovery process. We also use vet grade products to disinfect common areas daily (more frequently when we are seeing a cat with symptoms) to ensure we are able to limit the spread of any potential viruses.

Like a human cold, a URI will generally pass on its own, and a cat with a URI often does not require veterinary attention, unless they are become lethargic, loosing their appetite, or symptoms are persisting for longer than 10 days. If this is the case an antibiotic will generally be prescribed to help the kitty fend off any secondary infections they may be susceptible to.

4) How do you keep The Castle so clean and healthy for my cat(s)?

We use veterinary cleaning products to thoroughly disinfect.  A hepa filter/air exchange in the house and state of the art fan system in the Guesthouse ensures a constant exchange of fresh air.  Cleanliness is our forte and we are proud of it! We also monitor each kitty daily for abnormal behavior and things like appetite, litter box activity and lethargy. If anything seems off, we will let you know so you can direct us on how you are most comfortable with handling the situation.

5) How can I tell if my cat is enjoying their time away from home?

Please check our Facebook page for weekly photo session to see your kitty at The Castle.  Call and/or email to check in on your kitty anytime. We will be happy to give you a report.  Please allow your sweetie a day or two to settle in for a true and accurate report.  Yes… your family or friends may come in and visit anytime during our hours. We will be in contact if there are any concerns.

6) Will you brush my cat/play with my cat/snuggle my cat?

Yes, yes and yes!! While it all depends on your individual cat(s) comfort level.  They are all different and we get to know pretty fast what your kitty’s likes and dislikes are.  Our goal is to ensure they are happy, healthy, pampered and stress free. We want them to go home to their family as they came. Please keep in mind, that we are not a grooming facility.  While we are happy to brush your kitty, it will be a leisurely experience opposed to a deep groom.

7) Will my cats intermingle with other cats?/My cat doesn’t like other cats!

Our guests do not intermingle with other cats.  Only one cat or a family of cats are out in each of our seven rooms at any given time.  In most rooms, cats do not have to look at other cats in their suite.  We set it up this way with your cats comfort in mind (some of our more social guests can enjoy looking onto the other guests and we have suites to suit).

8) How long have you boarded cats? On the same note, what’s the longest stay a kitty has stayed with you?

We have been boarding kitties since 2001. We have had the unique pleasure of having one of our special guests stay with us for 2 years!  Long term boarding is one of our specialties.  Our creative use of space ensures no guest will feel isolated, alone or stressed.

9) If my kitty goes to the vet when boarding with you, how is that handled?

We go over contact information when we check you in – you provide us with how to reach you or a decision maker.  If we feel your cat requires observation or medical attention, we will take your cat to the vet.  Whenever possible we take your cat to its own vet if open and “local”.  The vet is in contact with you/decision maker direct in regards to payment and how to proceed.

10) I know some boarding facilities in town charge each day or part thereof.  How do you count the days you charge for?

We charge for the day you drop off regardless of the time.  There is no charge on the pick up day if you pick up before noon.  Please note WE ARE NOT OPEN SUNDAY AM.

11) How secure is your Castle?

Our Castle is very secure. We are strong believers in the multi door system. Escape artists have no chance here at The Castle.

12) Who will be looking after my cat(s)?

Please visit our team page here »

13) What does my cat need to board at your facility?

We require Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations in order to board. IF your kitty is over 1 year of age they need to be spayed or neutered. If your kitty goes outdoors or lives with other pets that do go outside, flea prevention is also mandatory. Please look at our Health Check page for more information.