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Double Your Fun!

Ever wonder what your cat does all day while you’re at work? Do you start to feel a little guilty leaving him/her home alone all day long? Have you ever thought, “I wonder if my cat would benefit from having a playmate?” Well the answer is YES and in more ways than one!

Companionship is very healthy for the heart and although cats are mostly independent, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy having a friend to share daily activities with. Meals, exercise and cat naps are always better with a friend – it’s pretty hard to play hide and seek alone! You may be thinking one is enough work, but two is not much more. Cats can share litter boxes, water bowls and toys! A furry friend to keep them company during the day and snuggle up with at night will help keep your kitty healthy, happy and active.

Less trouble for your kitty to get into at home when they have a playmate to keep them occupied! No more digging through the garbage or re-arranging your household out of boredom. Your cat may even lose a few pounds having a friend to motivate exercise! There will be less bad habits displayed as your cat will now have positive stimulation and won’t be as mad at you for leaving them all alone throughout the day.

Say goodbye to your guilty conscience because now your kitty has a best friend and is no longer requiring immediate attention from you every second you are around home! Bear in mind, when integrating a new kitty, it is rarely love at first sight! It’s recommended to enclose your new friend in a small space like a bathroom or laundry room, and keep them separated for approximately a week before introducing. Although cats like to explore, in a new environment a smaller space will help your kitty feel more comfortable and settle in easily.  Swap bedding between the two kitties so they can get use to one another’s scent and gradually introduce them with one another during supervised playtime.  Some cats take longer than others to integrate – but eventually they will look like this!

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You can get a great deal on boarding! Here at The Cat’s Castle Hotel it is less than ½ the cost of a suite to board your second kitty and you get double the space! Now your two fur friends are set for when you’re on business, enjoying a vacation or moving. The best part about it – they’ll have each other to lean on and keep warm with when you are away.

Cats Castle Cat Hotel is a cat boarding that specializes in both short term and long term cat boarding. Our cattery provides a luxurious alternative to pet sitting. Our facility is located in Oakville Ontario, just minutes off of the QEW. Our customers come from all over Toronto and the GTA, Milton, Hamilton, Missisauga, Burlington and more! – See more at:

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