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Cats and Crisis

Keeping kitty Comfortable when disaster strikes

This winter we have seen some pretty crazy displays from mother nature; from ice storms to white outs and -35 degree conditions! This weather has resulted in some brilliant spectacles and picturesque winter scenery…. But it has also had its downsides. During the ice storm, thousands of people went without power for days on end, and with temperatures dropping so low, numerous people have had pipes burst and flooding in their homes.

We can understand how awful it would be to have your house full of water, or to be without power and a working furnace in the middle of winter – and many people in this situation sought refuge with family and friends, or in hotels… But what about their fur family?  At Cats’ Castle we had a number of kitties come board with us for this very reason. Their pet parents did not want to leave them in a home with no heat, or with ongoing construction, so they turned to boarding instead.

We also felt the effects of these storms here, and we too lost power briefly during this time. However, we are fully equipped to deal with such scenarios, and we made it through the winter weather in comfort – along with our guests! We have a generator capable of supplying the entire facility with power. So we were never in the dark for long, and never felt the temperature drop here in our little castle!

Boarding your pets is an interesting and logical alternative to leaving them in your dark cold home, or toting them along with you to a family member or friend’s house, where they may not necessarily be welcome. We are more than happy to help during times like these, and offer affordable boarding rates. We also know that these situations are out of our hands, and so we offer a discount of 5% for any non-vacation stays, such as these.

So the next time disaster strikes and you need to high-tail it out of your home, to get somewhere more comfortable – remember that you can do the same for your furry family by boarding them where they will never be without lights, heat, water, and of course, cuddles!

Cats Castle Cat Hotel is a cat boarding that specializes in both short term and long term cat boarding. Our cattery provides a luxurious alternative to pet sitting. Our facility is located in Oakville Ontario, just minutes off of the QEW. Our customers come from all over Toronto and the GTA, Milton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington and more!

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