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But, I have a SCARE-DY cat!

We all know that the more social your kitty is, the better he/she will do in a boarding facility but did you ever wonder how your cat became so social? Could it be that maybe they were exposed to several different homes or even a shelter in their lifetime? Or possibly you love to entertain and constantly have new people over meeting your kitty? Perhaps, these social situations help our kitty’s become more susceptible to change.

When we get a shy or feral cat in, we try to make sure the cat’s stay is as comfortable as possible! We ensure that a privacy tent is put into the suite for hiding purposes (we don’t want to rush your kitty and make them feel exposed if they’d prefer to hide – they will come out on their own time). We also spend time with them daily, whether it be talking, brushing or just sitting quietly petting them so they can feel confident with us.  We have quieter rooms (Pink, Blue and The Guest House) and suggest ground level suites for shy cats so they can settle in on their own time and have easy access to their suite.

Recently, we housed a family of 11 rescued feral cats that came all the way from Chile. These 11 were pretty unsure when they came to us and had only been exposed to their two owners. Only one was allowing us to pet him while the other 10 hid or ran away if approached.  Slowly but surely, with a little love, attention and encouragement, they came out of their shells and became healthier, more social pets.  

In the past, we had a very under socialized kitty stay with us who was the most aggressive we’ve seen and in the beginning, would scream any time a staff member approached her. This poor girl was a rescue and had obviously been through some trauma in her life. She spent two years with us and by the end; she was the most beautifully accepting kitty and a definite lap cat! She would drool for pets and crawl on top of staff to sleep. She was no longer worried something bad would happen and knew she was safe in our care.

More times than not, a shy/under socialized cat will become a more independent, confident kitty after spending time with us. They may cringe at first assuming they are at the Vet but with a little patience and care, they become more confident in new situations and have an easier time with change.

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