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Sibling Rivalries: Boarding Solutions for multi-cat families.

Some of us are all too familiar with the fact that siblings don’t always get along! In these instances, spending a few weeks, or even just a few days in the same room as one another doesn’t sound particularly appealing. The same is true for cats coming from multi-cat families. If you’re looking to board your family of cats, here are some methods we have of keeping them content:

  1. Board your kitties in “double suites”, and keep them together.  Here at Cats’ Castle we have double suites that are suitable for multi-cat families. Double suites are two side by side suites with a sliding door between them (one suite generally has a window, while the second suite does not). In most circumstances we are able to open the sliding door for the duration of your kitties stay. This gives both (or all) kitties full access to both suites at all times. This is generally enough space for your family of kitties to spread out, and get away from one another when need be. (Double suites are limited, and subject to availability and are not available over the Christmas holidays)
  2. Board your kitties in “double suites”, and separate them. Sometimes when people bring their kitties in, they are positive they will fight with one another, and the space provided by a double suite will not be enough to stop them. In situations such as these, we can book the kitties into a double suite and either keep the sliding door closed at all times, or separate the kitties and close the sliding door at night time, and re-open the door in the morning. This generally gives your kitties enough time away from one another that they are able to settle down, and not get too rowdy when they are reunited.
  3. Board your kitties separately. You can always board your kitties in separate, non-adjoining suites. This ensures that both kitties always have access to a window, whereas separating them in a double suite will leave at least one kitty windowless. This is however, a less cost effective alternative (contact us for more details on pricing).

Although it is common, aggression or mild disputes between suite mates is not the only reason people would like to have their kitties separated. Double suites also come in handy when we have multi-cat families boarding, and the kitties are on strict and separate diets. Here we can separate the kitties during meal times, and open the sliding door when each party has finished eating.

If you’re looking to board your multi-cat family, come on in for a tour, and we can show you all of the options available here at Cats’ Castle! We have a wide variety of double suites ranging from $17-$41/night for the first kitty, in almost every room in the house and the barn. The barn is a very popular place for multi-cat families to stay, and has up to four adjoining suites in a row!

Also, for kitties that get along well and do not need to be separated for dietary reasons, we have a number of large single suites that are often used to board more than one kitty at a time!

Cats Castle Cat Hotel is a cat boarding that specializes in both short term and long term cat boarding. Our cattery provides a luxurious alternative to pet sitting. Our facility is located in Oakville Ontario, just minutes off of the QEW. Our customers come from all over Toronto and the GTA, Milton, Hamilton, Missisauga, Burlington and more!

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