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How Cats Castle Cat Hotel came to be!

   A new century and a new era in the Dyche family…we just purchased an incredible piece of land      that allows us to board animals.  Mom and Dad had always discussed the idea of running a            boarding facility in their “semi-retirement” much to my animal loving delight!  We sold our family      home in Mississauga and moved to Oakville.  The name of Read more

Shaggy (Man!) and Brighton (MR B!)

Here is the story on how I came to have the two most adorable orange and white kitties ever!  Ok.  I am a bit biased but what can I say?

Shaggy was originally one of my “foster cats” when I did some volunteering at Mississauga animal control in my 20’s.    He was quite the (scary) sight with a scratched cornea.  … Read more

So, its your kitty’s first time boarding?

What you can expect when your kitty comes to stay with us at Cats’ Castle:

So you’ve picked out a suite that suits your kitty’s needs and preferences, as well as your budget – now for the hard part, bringing your kitty in! This part of the stay is often much harder on the human than their kitty counterpart. This … Read more