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Thanksgiving Dinner and Your Kitties…

Sharing responsbly with your pets will definitely make them thankful!!!

If you’re anything like me, you drool just thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, which luckily for us, is right around the corner! And, if your pets are anything like mine, they will not let you enjoy your scrumptious meal without batting their lashes and giving you their best sad face, or … Read more

Mouse Play: Killer Kitty

I love my cats Kona and Dexter. They are both the sweetest, and most gentle kitties you’ve ever met – they wouldn’t hurt a fly (literally… when they find a bug they will just gingerly reach out and touch it with their paw before pulling away again, as if to play peek-a-boo with it)! Although they are both relatively young … Read more

Beloved Bengals!

Basics about Bengals:
Bengals are one of the most sought after pedigree breed among cat owners. They are most well known for their beautiful markings, and either have spots or rosettes like a leopard, or have marbled stripe markings. They are typically a gorgeous auburn brown colour, but are also found in silver, chocolate and charcoal as well! Bengals have … Read more

My Fat Cat: Cutting Kona’s Weight

I recently took my kitties in to the vet for their annual checkup, where we discovered that Kona, whom we’ve always known was a pretty big guy, is verging on obese. He weighs a solid 18.5 lbs, and our veterinarian suggested that he lose 4 lbs, at the very minimum!

We were a little perplexed as to how we could … Read more

Becoming Cat Crazed

The story of how cats took over my life… and I loved it!

Ever since I can remember, I have been an animal fanatic, with a particular passion for all things furry! Throughout my life I have had numerous pets including dogs, fish, fire bellied newts, and rats – and though I truly loved all animals I considered myself a … Read more

Clipping those Claws

Most people are not fond of cutting their kitties nails, or tend to forget about doing it all together! But, clipping those claws is important and should be done approximately once a month, depending on how quickly your kitties claws grow! There are many benefits to clipping your kitties nails, such as keeping their paws happy and healthy, and saving … Read more