About Us

Kirsten and our professional, knowledgeable and caring team will be sure to pamper your kitty during their stay with us.

Every cat is treated as an individual and unique guest.  We keep notes on all our previous guests and know all their likes and dislikes.

We offer an extensive range of large cat kennels to cater to all unique pet personalities and needs:

  • Multi level shelves in suite for jumping and exercise
  • Bungalows for elderly cats
  • Large multi level suites with lots of room for kittens to play
  • 2 or 3 storey units for our active cats
  • Double, family and adjoining hotel suites for inseparable cat pairs and pet groups (based on availability)
  • 48-128 cubic feet suites to choose from
  • Privacy tents provide a quiet covered area for reclusive guests at our cattery
  • Daily out time in their room.  All 6 rooms are constantly rotated throughout the day.
  • Daily monitoring of litter box activity to ensure healthy kitties

We have 7 rooms in our home and a huge state of the art renovated Guesthouse for our treasured felines.  Our double door system ensures even the best escape artist is foiled!  Our variety of rooms allow for a cat or family of cats to wander that room after maid service.  Cats are rotated frequently throughout the day.  We never mix cats from different families.  We only used veterinarian approved cleaners to fully disinfect.